A Little Worldbuilding

It's not chaos but creation, Tseen Khoo/Flickr, CC BY 2.0

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Apparently, worldbuilding itself is a hobby, if for no other reason than to create a world. For those who consider the divine, would be interesting to think of God as a worldbuilder. I recently started tinkering with a world and wanted to share.

This isn’t the first time. I had the idea with Ombre to build a shared world. An idea that fizzled. Of course, in the article where I discuss it, I mentioned use of Civilization V as the world generating engine. Since it’s hard to output a map in the OSX version, I gave up on that. I even went so far as to recycle the Ombre category.

Wait? What about Postal Marines? I’m still dwelling on the next step here. Both Luctation and Imbroglio have been drafted, but there were parts of the story that seemed just a bit off. Partly because I was seeing a trend in the stories as it pertained to theme that I wanted to address. Partly because I was focusing more on the plot than the characters. I am taking time to understand Jonaldy and Bophendze better, and figure out why one of my minor characters insisted on a larger role in Luctation.

Part of the problem also is there’s another series I want to get moving on. Not that Postal is boring, but because I suspect it will unlikely be my signature series.

It is that other series I have been worldbuilding. It uses a Banks Orbital concept. I spent the better part of last weekend just with the geometry and science of building one, with the accompanying dimensions, affects on pseudo-gravity and its climate.

And I have that all covered. I even used Verku to start the documentation of said worldbuilding. This means that I can not only have a hard copy in my hand, but one day even possibly make the worldbuilding product available commercially. Not that anybody would want to buy it, but it would be the series bible or notebook for the as-yet-unamed series. Nope, not even a codename.

I’m hoping some of this will clear the logjam in Postal and let me go back. After all, I need to refresh the worldbuilding of that series as well. Once I feel better about how to arrange the physical and cultural, with this activity, I can perhaps switch back.

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