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Clan Wilson Rules


Electronics use is a privilege. Children’s core electronics time runs from 1:00-3:00pm every day, and will not start until all expected of them is completed. (Example: They finish work at 2:00pm, then they may be allowed on electronics from 2:00pm to 3:00pm.)

  1. No electronics permitted after 9:00pm.
  2. No use of electronics during study times unless directly related to that study or helping study (in the parents’ opinion).
  3. Using electronics outside these parameters will result in loss of electronics for at least one day.
  4. Failure of any child to support this rule will lose electronics for the same duration as the malefactor.
  5. Additional time may be given based on extenuating circumstances as agreed upon by both parents, provided all work is completed by 1:00pm

School Work

Children are expected to complete all school work before it is due, and have all possible schoolwork completed by noon each day. Classes held outside this window (e.g., online course taught in the evening) are excluded.

  1. Elective electronics use will be denied should any child’s grade fall below 80.0% for the period that a child’s grade remains below that threshold.
  2. At year’s end, if the grade remains below 80.0%, the child will lose an additional 14 consecutive calendar days of electronics.


Children are expected to satisfy daily hygiene requirements each morning.

  1. Daily showers that involves the use of shampoo and soap on all relevant body parts; deodorant.
  2. Daily teeth brushing, and other oral hygiene requirements specific to the child’s needs.
  3. Children with facial hair are expected to shave weekly while that hair is still developing, or daily when it becomes noticeable.
  4. Feminine hygiene will be discreet.


Each child should prepare one meal per week for family consumption.


Children are expected to satisfy daily cleanliness requirements:

  1. Clothes.
    1. Dirty clothes to the laundry room daily, before noon.
    2. Clean clothes folded by the appropriate child, and put in the appropriate place in their room.
    3. Bedsheets will be replaced monthly.
  2. Bedtime.
    1. All personal belongings to their rooms before bedtime.
    2. Common areas tidy by bedtime.
  3. Kitchen / Trash. Follows a shift rotation.
    1. Shifts rotate by birth order, Nathan 0, Sarah 1, John 2; by the day of month reminder of division by 3.
    2. On the 31st of a month, a parent will be on shift.
    3. All dishes to the kitchen as soon as practical, before the dishwasher is run at bedtime.
    4. Dishwasher. Empty the dishwasher by 9:00am, load dishes after every meal. Should the washer fill up before their shift is complete, they will run & empty the dishwasher and continue loading. The dishwasher will be started at bedtime regardless.
    5. Trash. Trash & recycling will be emptied when filled by the child on shift. This includes kitchen, upstairs bathrooms, den trash.
  4. Weekly Trash. Nathan will ensure trash and recycling has been moved to the appropriate containers in the garage, and that those containers are at the curb by bedtime Thursday night.
  5. Vacuum. All rooms of the house (except Dad’s office & master bedroom) at least weekly.
  6. Bathrooms. Clean all fixtures of upstairs bathrooms (sink, toilet, tub, mirrors) at least weekly, using the appropriate cleaning product.


Children are expected to:

  1. Be ready for bed by 9:00pm. This includes appropriate bedtime clothes (no sleeping in daytime clothes.)
  2. In bed no later than 10:00pm. Reading may continue no later than 11:00pm, provided this does not cause problems with sleep.
  3. Be awake by 9:00am, unless circumstances dictate an earlier wake time.
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