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The orphaned Danel Bophendze struggles to find his way as a new marine in the Core Postal Service. He embedded Smee, an ancient artificial intelligence, in his brain hoping it will give him the edge he needs. Aristocratic Ambrose Litovio left a promising career in the Navy to join the Postal Service. He is called upon to assist the only admiral as war looms between the Postal Service and the Navy. Bophendze and Litovio struggle to survive the epic Battle of Tanhuŝio Gate. But for Bophendze, the real fight is in his head.

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Ben Wilson is the author of the Postal Marines science fantasy series. He’s into history, human nature and religious studies. He served in the US Army through his 20s and got to meet some great people there. Now he does routine IT project management for customers who should know better. He pays the bills through their frustration. Ben lives in Northern Virginia with his wife, three of his four children, and two rabid attack cats. No, I did not sell the oldest off to the Core, as much as I might have liked to. He has a family of his own.

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Years of Audible, 2017-19

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It has been a while since I updated what I’ve been listening to on Audible. I assure you it is not because I went deaf. To make up for lost time I will share what I listened to since 2016. As I built the list, I could remember where I was when listening to specific books. For example, the Phoenix Project through Toyota Way were when we were in an apartment in the Summer of 2017 transitioning between our homes. I remember listening to Elon Musk while mowing cleaning the old backyard in Spring 2017. (The book lists are all reverse chronological order.)

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